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All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.

The Minor

The Chicanx and Latinx studies minor is an interdisciplinary minor that provides a broad introduction to the histories and cultural artifacts produced by Spanish-speaking communities in the United States. Through a coordinated course of study drawing upon course offerings in the Departments of Communication, Ethnic Studies, History, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Theatre and Dance, and Visual Arts, students will gain an understanding of this important segment of the US population.


Language Requirements: students will have the equivalent of two years of Spanish language instruction at UC San Diego. Satisfactory completion of LTSP 2A, B, C or LTSP 2D or LTSP 2E will satisfy this requirement. Students may count two lower-division language courses (eight units) toward the total unit requirement. Students have the option of petitioning another language sequence to count toward this requirement.

Students will complete seven courses, five of which must be upper division. Students may take a maximum of three upper-division courses in any one department. The required distribution of the five upper-division courses may be selected from among the following courses. Students may petition to receive credit for courses not listed below.


Note: some courses are cross-listed courses from other departments. Courses in parentheses are the cross-listed courses.


COMM 140. Cinema in Latin America

COMM 155. Latinx Space, Place, and Culture


Note: many ETHN courses are cross-listed courses from other departments.

ETHN 108. Race, Culture, and Social Change

ETHN 113. Decolonizing Education

ETHN 116. The United States-Mexico Border in Comparative Perspective

ETHN 118. Contemporary Immigration Issues

ETHN 119. Race in the Americas

ETHN 129. Asian and Latina Immigrant Workers in Global Economy (USP 135)

ETHN 137. Latina Issues and Cultural Production (CGS 137)

ETHN 143. Chicana/o Film and Media Studies

ETHN 168. Comparative Ethnic Literature (LTEN 178)

ETHN 187. Latinx Sexualities (CGS 187)


HILD 7C. History of Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.

HILD 14. Film and History of Latin America

HILA 100. Conquest and Empire: The Americas

HILA 101. Nation-State Formation, Ethnicity, and Violence in Latin America

HILA 102. Latin America in the Twentieth Century

HILA 114. Dictatorships in Latin America

HILA 115. The Latin American City: A History

HILA 122. Cuba: From Colony to Socialist Republic

HILA 124A. History of Women and Gender in Latín America

HILA 131. History of Mexico

HILA 132. Modern Mexico: From Revolution of Drug War Violence  

HILA 167. Scholarship on Latin American History in the Colonial Period

HILA 168. Scholarship on Latin America in the Nineteenth Century

HILA 169. Scholarship on Latin America in the Twentieth Century

HIUS 113. History of Mexican America (ETHN 154)

HIUS 136. Citizenship and Civil Rights in the Twentieth Century (ETHN 153)

HIUS 146. Race, Riots, and Violence in the U.S.

HIUS 155. From Zoot Suits to Hip-Hop: Race and Popular Culture Since WWII

HIUS 158. Social and Economic History of the Southwest I (ETHN 130)

HIUS 159. Social and Economic History of the Southwest II (ETHN 131)

HIUS 167. Topics in Mexican American History (ETHN 180)

HIUS 180. Immigration and Ethnicity in the Modern American Society (ETHN 134)


Note: some LTSP courses are taught in Spanish. Check prerequisites prior to enrolling.

LTSP 116. Representations of Spanish Colonialism

LTSP 130B. Development of Spanish Literature

LTSP 133. Contemporary Latin American Literature

LTSP 135B. Modern Mexican Literature

LTSP 136. Andean Literatures

LTSP 137. Caribbean Literature

LTSP 138. Central American Literature

LTSP 140. Latin American Novel

LTSP 142. Latin American Short Story

LTSP 150A. Early Latino/a-Chicano/a Cultural Production: 1848 to 1960

LTSP 150B. Contemporary Latino/a-Chicano/a Cultural Production: 1960 to Present (ETHN 135B)

LTSP 151. Topics in Chicano/a-Latino/a Cultures

LTSP 154. Latino/a and Chicano/a Literature

LTSP 162. Spanish Language in the United States

LTSP 171. Studies in Peninsular and/or Latin American Literature and Society

LTSP 172. Indigenista Themes in Latin American Literature

LTSP 175. Gender, Sexuality, and Culture

LTSP 177. Literary and Historical Migrations

Note: The following courses are taught in English.

LTEN 29. Introduction to Chicano Literature

LTEN 180. Chicano Literature in English (ETHN 139)

LTAM 100. Latino/a Cultures in the United States

LTAM 101. Early Latino/a and Chicano/a Cultures: 1848–1960

LTAM 105. Gender and Sexuality in Latino/a-Chicano/a Cultural Production

LTAM 106. Modern Chicana and Mexican Women Writings

LTAM 107. Comparative Latino/a and US Ethnic Cultures

LTAM 108. Chicano/a and Latino/a Cultures: Intellectual and Political Traditions

LTAM 109. Cultural Production of the Latino/a Diasporas

LTAM 110. Latin American Literature in Translation

LTAM 120. Mexican Literature in Translation


MUS 13. Worlds of Music


PHIL 35. Philosophy in the Americas

PHIL 155. Mexican Philosophy

PHIL 156. Latinx Philosophy


POLI 100H. Race and Ethnicity in American Politics

POLI 105A. Latino Politics in the U.S.

POLI 134J. Cuba: Revolution and Reform

POLI 146A. The U.S. and Latin America: Political and Economic Relations

POLI 150A. Politics of Immigration


TDAC 120. Ensemble (ETHN 146A)

TDHT 108. Luis Valdez

TDHT 110. Chicano Dramatic Literature (ETHN 132)

TDHT 111. Hispanic American Dramatic Literature

TDMV 142. Latin Dance of the World


VIS 126AN. Pre-Columbian Art of Ancient Mexico and Central America

VIS 126BN. The Art and Civilization of the Ancient Maya

VIS 126C. Problems in Mesoamerican Art History

VIS 126D. Problems in Ancient Maya Iconography and Inscriptions

VIS 126Q. Latin American Art: Modern to Postmodern, 1950–Present