Scripps Institution of Oceanography

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All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.


Matthew Alford, PhD, Physical Oceanography

Andrew E. Allen, PhD, Biogeochemistry

Eric E. Allen, PhD, Marine Biology

Lihini Aluwihare, PhD, Geochemistry

Laurence Armi, PhD, Oceanography

Katherine Barbeau, PhD, Biogeochemistry

Douglas H. Bartlett, PhD, Marine Microbiology

Kevin M. Brown, PhD, Geology

Michael J. Buckingham, PhD, Oceanography

Ronald S. Burton, PhD, Marine Biology

Paterno R. Castillo, PhD, Geology

Paola Cessi, PhD, Oceanography

Christopher D. Charles, PhD, Oceanography

Catherine G. Constable, PhD, Geophysics

Steven C. Constable, PhD, Geophysics

Andrew G. Dickson, PhD, Marine Chemistry

Neal W. Driscoll, PhD, Geology

Falk Feddersen, PhD, Physical Oceanography

William H. Fenical, PhD, Chemistry

Yuri Fialko, PhD, Geophysics

Peter J.S. Franks, PhD, Oceanography, Chair

Helen Fricker, PhD, Glaciology

Terry Gaasterland, PhD, Computational Genomics

Jeffrey S. Gee, PhD, Geophysics

William H. Gerwick, PhD, Marine Chemistry

Carl H. Gibson, PhD, Engineering Physics and Oceanography

Jack A. Gilbert, PhD, Molecular Microbiology

Sarah T. Gille, PhD, Oceanography

Vicki H. Grassian, PhD, Atmospheric Aerosols and Chemistry

Philip A. Hastings, PhD, Marine Biology

Ryan F. Hechinger, PhD, Parasitology

Myrl C. Hendershott, PhD, Oceanography

John A. Hildebrand, PhD, Geophysics

William S. Hodgkiss, PhD, Electrical Engineering

Paul Jensen, PhD, Research Microbiologist

Miriam Kastner, PhD, Earth Sciences

Ralph F. Keeling, PhD, Geochemistry

William A. Kuperman, PhD, Oceanography

Michael R. Landry, PhD, Oceanography

James J. Leichter, PhD, Oceanography

Lisa A. Levin, PhD, Oceanography

Stefan G. Llewellyn Smith, PhD, Applied Mathematics

Peter F. Lonsdale, PhD, Oceanography

Todd R. Martz, PhD, Analytical Chemistry

W. Kendall Melville, PhD, Oceanography

Mark Merrifield, PhD, Climate and Atmospheric Sciences

Mario J. Molina, PhD, Atmospheric Chemistry

Bradley S. Moore, PhD, Marine Biochemistry

Bradley S. Moore, PhD, Marine Biochemistry

Joel R. Norris, PhD, Climate and Atmospheric Sciences

Richard D. Norris, PhD, Paleobiology

Mark D. Ohman, PhD, Biological Oceanography

Brian Palenik, PhD, Marine Biology

Eugene Pawlak, PhD, Oceanography

Kimberly A. Prather, PhD, Atmospheric Chemistry

Veerabhadran Ramanathan, PhD, Climate and Atmospheric Sciences

Gregory Rouse, PhD, Zoology

Daniel L. Rudnick, PhD, Oceanography

Lynn M. Russell, PhD, Atmospheric Chemistry

Stuart A. Sandin, PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

David T. Sandwell, PhD, Geophysics

Uwe Send, PhD, Oceanography

Jeffrey P. Severinghaus, PhD, Geochemistry

Peter M. Shearer, PhD, Geophysics

Jennifer E. Smith, PhD, Botany and Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology

Dariusz Stramski, PhD, Oceanography

Fiammetta Straneo, PhD, Climate Science

George Sugihara, PhD, Mathematical Ecology

Lynne D. Talley, PhD, Oceanography

Lisa Tauxe, PhD, Geophysics

Bradley T. Werner, PhD, Oceanography

Shang-Ping Xie, PhD, Meteorology

William R. Young, PhD, Oceanography

Professor in Residence

M. Gabriele Laske, PhD, Geophysics

Professors Emeriti

Duncan C. Agnew, PhD, Geophysics

Farooq Azam, PhD, Marine Biology

Jeffrey L. Bada, PhD, Marine Chemistry

Steven C. Cande, PhD, Marine Geophysics  

George Carnevale, PhD, Research Oceanographer

David M. Checkley, PhD, Oceanography

Paul J. Crutzen, PhD, Atmospheric Chemistry

Joseph R. Curray, PhD, Geology

Russ Davis, PhD, Research Oceanographer

Paul K. Dayton, PhD, Oceanography

LeRoy M. Dorman, PhD, Geophysics

Horst Felbeck, Dr. rer. nat., Marine Biology

Joris M.T.M. Gieskes, PhD, Oceanography

Robert T. Guza, PhD, Oceanography

Linda Holland, PhD, Marine Biology

Nicholas D. Holland, PhD, Marine Biology

Jeremy B.C. Jackson, PhD, Marine Biology and Geology

Charles F. Kennel, PhD, Physics

Gerald L. Kooyman, PhD, Biology

Michael I. Latz, PhD, Research Biologist

T. Guy Masters, PhD, Geophysics

John A. McGowan, PhD, Oceanography

Jean-Bernard H. Minster, PhD, Geophysics

B. Gregory Mitchell, PhD, Research Oceanographer

William Newman, PhD, Zoology

John A. Orcutt, PhD, Geophysics

Robert Pinkel, PhD, Oceanography

Dean H. Roemmich, PhD, Oceanography

Richard L. Salmon, PhD, Oceanography

John G. Sclater, PhD, Marine Geophysics

Richard C.J. Somerville, PhD, Meteorology

Hubert Staudigel, PhD, Research Geologist

Maria Vernet, PhD, Research Oceanographer

Ray F. Weiss, PhD, Geochemistry

Peter F. Worcester, PhD, Research Oceanographer

Associate Professors

Andreas Andersson, PhD, Chemical Oceanography

Tarik Benmarhnia, PhD, Climate Change and Health

James M.D. Day, PhD, Geology and Geochemistry

Ian Eisenman, PhD, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Amato Evan, PhD, Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences

Amro Hamdoun, PhD, Physiology

Jennifer A. MacKinnon, PhD, Oceanography

David May, PhD, Geophysics (Acting)

Matthias Morzfeld, PhD, Geophysics

Brice Semmens, PhD, Zoology

David Stegman, PhD, Geophysics

Jennifer Taylor, PhD, Biology

Martin Tresguerres, PhD, Biology

Jane K. Willenbring, PhD, Geology

Assistant Professors

Sarah Aarons, PhD, Geology

Octavio M. Aburto Oropeza, PhD, Marine Biology

Andrew D. Barton, PhD, Biological Oceanography

Adrian A. Borsa, PhD, Geophysics

Jeff S. Bowman, PhD, Polar Ecology

Emily J. Chin, PhD, Geology

Carolyn Anela Choy, PhD, Oceanography

Moira Décima, PhD, Biogeochemistry

Jade D’Alpoim Guedes, PhD, Geology

Julia Diaz, PhD, Biogeochemistry

Wenyuan Fan, PhD, Geophysics

Sarah N. Giddings, PhD, Oceanography

Chambers Hughes, PhD, Chemistry

Morgan Levy, PhD, Climate Sciences

Andrew J. Lucas, PhD, Oceanography

Nicholas Lutsko, PhD, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Deirdre C. Lyons, PhD, Marine Biology

Florian Meyer, PhD, Oceanography

Ross Parnell-Turner, PhD, Geology

Anne A. Pommier, PhD, Geology

Sarah M. Purkey, PhD, Physical Oceanography

Katharine L. Ricke, PhD, Climate Sciences

Isabel C. Rivera-Collazo, PhD, Geoarchaeology

Amina Schartup, PhD, Biogeochemistry

Adjunct Professors

Frederick Archer, PhD, Marine Biology

Lisa T. Ballance, PhD, Biological Oceanography

Konstantine P. Georgakakos, ScD, Hydrology

Sarah Mesnick, PhD, Marine Biology

Tadeusz F. Molinski, PhD, Organic Chemistry

David Victor, PhD, Global Policy and Strategy

Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment

Jane Teranes, PhD

Lecturers with Security of Employment

Janet Becker, PhD

Geoffrey W. Cook, PhD

Lecturer with Potential Security of Employment

David Kacev, PhD

Senior Lecturers

Donna K. Blackman, PhD, Research Geophysicist

Yehuda Bock, PhD, Research Geodesist

Daniel R. Cayan, PhD, Research Meteorologist

C. David Chadwell, PhD, Research Geophysicist

Teresa K. Chereskin, PhD, Research Oceanographer

Bruce D. Cornuelle, PhD, Research Oceanographer

Gerald L. D’Spain, PhD, Research Scientist  

Grant B. Deane, PhD, Research Oceanographer

Peter Gerstoft, PhD, Research Scientist

Alistair J. Harding, PhD, Research Geophysicist

Michael A.H. Hedlin, PhD, Research Geophysicist

Jules S. Jaffe, PhD, Research Oceanographer

Dan Lubin, PhD, Research Physicist

Arthur J. Miller, PhD, Research Oceanographer

Paul Ponganis, MD, PhD, Research Marine Biologist and Marine Physiologist

Jerome A. Smith, PhD, Research Oceanographer

Hee Chun Song, PhD, Research Marine Physicist

Janet Sprintall, PhD, Research Oceanographer

M. Dale Stokes, PhD, Research Oceanographer

James H. Swift, PhD, Research Oceanographer

Aaron Thode, PhD, Research Scientist

Frank L. Vernon, PhD, Research Geophysicist

Kraig Winters, PhD, Research Oceanographer

Guang Zhang, PhD, Research Meteorologist

Mark A. Zumberge, PhD, Research Geophysicist


Simone Baumann-Pickering, PhD, Associate Researcher

Bianca M. Brahamsha, PhD, Researcher, RTAD

Peter Bromirski, PhD, Research Oceanographer

Dimitri Deheyn, PhD, Associate Researcher

Peter Dutton, PhD, Researcher

Alexander Gershunov, Research Meteorologist

Lena Gerwick, PhD, Associate Research Scientist

P. Edward Parnell, PhD, Associate Research Oceanographer

Eric Terrill, PhD, Director, CORDC

Affiliated Faculty

Juan C. Lasheras, PhD, Professor, MAE

Paul A. Libby, PhD, Professor Emeritus, MAE

Paul F. Linden, PhD, Professor, MAE

R. Glenn Northcutt, PhD, Professor, Neurosciences

Sutanu Sarkar, PhD, Professor, MAE